Sound Unbound

April, 2017

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be involved both for the Revolution 360 installation, as well as a performer for the Classical Hacking: Toy Symphony performances throughout the festival.


We Astronomers

Rose Lipman Building (In association with the Barbican Centre)

June, 2016

During this festival, I had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists, including Stelios Ilchouk - with whom I made the final piece pictured on the right.

Modern Day Dreams

Rich Mix

In association with Programmed Perception & Livity

April, 2017

"This event created an immersive experience between reality and the subconscious through the visual language of print, sculpture, spray paint and moving image, combined with the sonic language of Piksel's soundscape and live musicians"

Pictured left: Katherine Foster - The Dreamer

The Gift

Bloomberg, 2015

In collaboration with Melanie Manchot & Guildhall Electronic Music Studios

I was very lucky to have contributed some music to this installation by Melanie Manchot at the Bloomberg space in 2015.

Pictured right: Part of The Gift installation

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